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To Our Members

Strategic Highlights

2016 was an extremely difficult year for IACA. The search for Board Members was disappointing, interest

and participation by the members continued to shrink, and the number of members continues to decline.

The overall market for genuine American Indian goods continues to be absorbed by internet stores and

marketing; often direct from the artist to the collector. Many brick and mortar stores have closed due to

retirement or an adoption of the internet-only business model. Vast quantities of older Native art

continues to enter the market, due to downsizing or death, which drives down the prices of all but the

best-of-the-best contemporary work.

Your Board, including your membership director, show producer, and newsletter publisher, consists of

totally volunteer staff…dedicated people that gave freely of their time, energy and personal expense to

continue the IACA Mission:

To Promote, Protect and Preserve American Indian Art.

The inability to recruit Board members and volunteers has put the future of IACA at risk.

The World’s Leading American Indian Art Alliance

Since its beginning, IACA has been the World’s Leading American Indian Art Alliance because it is the only

association to bring together every aspect of American Indian Art, from the world class American Indian

artists to the collectors of these beautiful art forms.

Member Services

During 2016, the association provided a host of member services including:

A Spring Wholesale market was held at Isleta Pueblo, NM.

An Artist of the Year was selected by three independent judges.

The IACA Journal was produced three times.

A 1/6-page ad was published in each printed issue of

Native Peoples


Members were given the opportunity to advertise on the IACA website at a very reduced rate.

Free subscriptions to

Native Peoples

magazine were given to members of the IACA Collector’s Guild.

A 10% discount to IACA Collector’s Guild members was given at participating IACA Member retail


A free listing of member shows, events and gallery openings was provided on the IACA website.

An on-line library of marketing reports was published for IACA members only.

On-line membership directories with frequent updates, and links to member websites was


An on-line library of tips about Collecting American Indian Art was maintained.