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2016 Highlights

IACA Markets

The Spring Market was held at Isleta Resort and Casino. In spite of vendor and buyer enthusiasm

before the show, with many registrations, only about ½ of the registered buyers actually came to

the show. This was disappointing for all of us – especially the vendors. We asked registered

buyers who did not attend why they didn’t. However, most did not respond.

Due to low attendance, the Board has opted to suspend all Markets after the Spring 2017 Market.

IACA Artist of the Year Program

Due to feedback from the artists, in 2016 we changed the AOY entry requirements to require an

Artist to physically be at the Spring Wholesale Show to qualify for an award. This year, our

independent judges selected our 2016 Artist of the Year, Shane Hendren. This is the third time

Shane has won the AOY competition, and all of us congratulate Shane on a job well done.

Operating Highlights


During 2016, the IACA office was effectively managed by two Board member volunteers working

one day each week, and the off-site support of many other Board Member volunteers.


IACA membership includes people from all sectors of American Indian art interest, from the artist

through to the end consumer. During 2016, 19 new members were added to the membership

roster. We lost 63 members (net loss of 44) as the total market for American Indian art shrinks.

We ended the year with 335 members.