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Board of Directors

Joseph Jojola, and Gordon Clark resigned as Board members during the first quarter of 2016. Dee

Dowers retired from her position on the Board at the end of 2016.

A plea for new Board Members was sent to all members in July of 2016, as most current Board

members are retiring from their positions at the end of 2017. Two members responded who were able

to attend meetings and carry out the duties required of a Board member: Suzie McKay and Don

Dionne. We gratefully appointed both Don and Suzie to the Board effective January 1, 2017. There are

still four Board vacancies.

Officers are Kathi Ouellet, President; Dawn Dark Mountain, Vice President; Georgia Fischel, Secretary;

and Jacque Foutz, Treasurer.

Looking Ahead,

As we enter 2017, we are fast approaching a major change to IACA. Because the association is

membership driven

, it has attempted to produce programs that are of interest and benefit to IACA

members, and has not produced programs that are not of interest nor of benefit. With a few

exceptions, members have shown a lack of interest in both the Wholesale Show and the Artist of the

Year program. Members have also shown a lack of interest in the Association, as it stands, as we have

not received enough Board Member volunteers to comply with our bylaws on an ongoing basis.

Without sufficient Board Members, this organization cannot survive.

The protection, promotion and preservation of


Native American art is important to everyone

in the industry. The IACA seal is respected and valued by buyers world-wide. Knowledge, honesty and

integrity are still values we treasure.

Kathi Ouellet


April 1, 2017