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2014 Highlights
Heard Museum IACA Research Collection
The Heard Museum established an IACA Research Collection (RC341) which consists of over
500 historic IACA publications, mailings, newsletters, bulletins, photographs and artist
information. This collection was assembled for the museum by retired board member Dee
IACA Fall Wholesale Market Resurrected
After a hiatus, the IACA Fall Wholesale market returned with some success. Continuation of
the fall wholesale market during 2015 is under consideration at this time.
Eight Collector Brochures Published in Electronic Format
A series of eight brochures that assist students of American Indian art were produced and
published on the IACA website.
2014 Shortfalls
Your association had planned to publish a series of 16 educational brochures during 2014.
The brochures were intended to be published by IACA Education Fund and distributed
through IACA retail and artist members to collectors, schools and other venues as a means to
educate people about the various aspects of American Indian Art.
While the editorial portion of the project was completed, funding shortfalls prohibited the
actual print production of the brochures, or web production of eight remaining brochures.
Eight of the planned brochures were produced in website versions. Plans for producing
additional brochures, or printing existing brochures are on hold pending appropriate
funding. Funding currently exists for the printing of two of the brochures.
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