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IACA Journal | Fall 2014
IACA Celebrates 40 Years
With this issue of the
IACA Journal
, the Indian Arts and
Crafts Association celebrates 40 years of continuing the
vision of founder, John D. Kennedy. His vision was to
Promote, Protect and Preserve Authentic American Indi-
an Arts and Crafts.
Indeed, 40 years later that continues
to be the mission of IACA.
Today, the IACA is the
World’s Leading American Indian
Arts Alliance
that includes members from every sector
of American Indian Art, from the great creators of the
arts to the many collectors that love and support the
artists and their work. Today, IACA includes members
from round the world… from Japan to Ireland and
many places in between.
—Joe Zeller, IACA President
Our Education Efforts Continue
Our mission at IACA-EF is to build appreci-
ation and cultural preservation for the arts of
indigenous peoples of North America through
education. This issue of the
IACA Journal
commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the
establishment of the Indian Arts and Crafts
Together we will continue to promote, preserve
and protect our rich tradition of Native Amer-
ican Arts. Working with and for our member-
ship, we will endeavor to educate and inform
the public utilizing the
and our website.
I want to thank all of our volunteers, without
whom this would not be possible. Our IACA
Education Fund Board is grateful for the vari-
ous contributions of the many talented people
involved in our organizations.
—Pam Lujan-Hauer, IACA-EF President
Joe Zeller, IACA President
Pam Lujan-Hauer
Taos Pueblo
IACA-EF President
IACA Mission
To promote, preserve and
protect authentic American
Indian arts and crafts
IACA-Education Fund
Mission Statement
To build cultural preservation
and appreciation for the arts of
indigenous peoples of North
America through education
2011-2014 Joe Zeller
2010 Shane Hendren
2005-2009 Michael ‘NaNa Ping’ Garcia
2003-2004 Betty Numerof
2002 George Willis
2001 Susan Pourian
2000 Cliff Fragua
1999 Deanna Olson
1998 Georgiana K. Simpson
1996-1997 Andy Abeita
1995 Pam Phillips
1994 Thom Meyers
1993 Rita Alexander
1992 Joe Douthitt
1991 Alpine Rodman
1990 Dorothy Davis
1989 Dr. Kathryn Linden
1988 Leo Calac
1987 Dorothy Davis
1986 Frank Barker
1985 Anita Baker
1984 Fran Pawlowski
1983 Martha Hill
1982 Lillian Samuelson
1981 Joe Lowry
1980 Bill Conolly
1978-1979 Tom Wheeler
1977 Mark Bahti
1976 Tom Woodward
1974-1975 John D. Kennedy
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