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IACA Journal | Fall 2013
For more than three decades, the IACA Markets have been a major
thoroughfare for American Indian arts. The Markets have been the
center for American Indian art commerce that brings together every
sector of the American Indian art business, including the finest
American Indian artists, the very top and trusted American
Indian art wholesalers, and of course the leading American Indian
art retailers, including galleries, museums and National Parks.
While selling and buying are of prime
importance, the IACA Markets also
provide a unique opportunity for old
friends, and new, to discuss, learn, and
enjoy a camaraderie not found in any
other market. Indeed, there is no other
market like an IACA Market.
Market visitors and participants have
the opportunity to learn about ways to
become better at what they do, from
learning more about the vast array of
turquoise, to building a more effective
website. Artists and Wholesalers can
establish new contacts that will last for
years beyond the Market itself.
Visitors come to appreciate the im-
portance and value of authenticity in
conducting their business. They come
to enjoy the company of one another
and to participate in the pageantry of
naming an IACA Artist of the Year, the
most prestigious award in the American
Indian art industry.
Downtime at the Market allows attend-
ees and exhibitors time to enjoy the
action of other events that may include
a Casino Night, a raffle drawing for a
$5,000 prize, or an auction featuring fine
American Indian artwork. A highlight
of the Spring Market is the annual IACA
membership meeting, filled with lively
discussions that provide input and direc-
tion to IACA for years to come.
Market venues help to make the IACA
markets the jewels that they have be-
come. The 2014 Spring Market will be
held at the beautiful Hotel Albuquerque.
This historic hotel is conveniently locat-
ed just steps away from Albuquerque’s
historic Old Town.
Over the years, the IACA markets have
become a tradition in the American In-
dian art business. Join us in April for the
2014 IACA Spring Market and find your
connection to beauty, friendship, action
and authenticity all in one place. Visit
for more information
and to take advantage of our Early Bird
Booth Registration.
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