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IACA Journal | Fall 2013
Fall is harvest season. It represents the end of one life cycle and the
beginning of a new one.
From the seed being planted, tended to, and emerging, through the process of gathering mature crops
from the fields, to fresh beginnings with a new seed. The cycle of life goes on and on.
So too with American Indian art, with roots and heritages that reach far back into time and which
have been passed down though countless generations. Planting, caring, emerging and harvesting.
With each generation, the American Indian artist has discovered new techniques and new ways of
expressing ages old heritage that is harvested and ever evolving with fresh life as contemporary Amer-
ican Indian art. Yet, make no mistake, the heritage of generations over time is found in each work of
authentic American Indian art.
Fall is harvest season. This issue of the IACA Journal celebrates the harvest season, and the heritage
of family generations that have added beauty to every one of our lives.
IACA Members everywhere tend to this precious crop so that the cycle might be harvested over and
over for generations to come.
—Joe Zeller, IACA President
Celebration of the fall season is always a joy for indigenous people.
The devotion we place into our creative efforts throughout spring and summer rewards us
with fullness in the harvest time.
This fall issue has an abundance of Native story, art and imagery, all gathered to enrich our
Our IACA-Education Fund Board is grateful for the various contributions from the many
talented people involved with this issue.
Joe Zeller, IACA President
IACA-EF President
IACA Mission
To promote, preserve and
protect authentic American
Indian arts and crafts
IACA-Education Fund
Mission Statement
To build cultural preservation
and appreciation for the arts of
indigenous peoples of North
America through education
The Heritage of Art: Baskets and Pottery; The Transition from
Function to Works of Art. See page 8
Photo © Matt Elston
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