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um, iron, sodium, potassium, and protein; and squash provides
fiber rich vitamins. Corn is hand-picked to select the best kernel
trait for the following year’s seeds, such as stalk strength, height,
one ear per stalk, and eight kernel rows. Some ears will be made
into food products that Tsyunhehkwa Farm offers for sale. The
whole community is invited to help in harvesting, sorting, and
braiding corn for storage. After the harvesting process, over two
hundred, long, beautiful, cascades of braided heirloom white
corn hang from the rafters to dry.
The life cycle of Oneida White Corn begins in May, when it’s
cultivated and planted with a tractor/seeder. It ends in Octo-
ber, according to traditional ceremonies and the lunar cycle.
The Green Corn Ceremony is celebrated in August honoring
women, The Three Sisters, and all plant life. Corn is sweeter,
milkier, and light yellow at this time and determines the time for
harvest and seed selection. After traditional tobacco burning,
the Ceremony starts with The Feather Dance honoring all Cre-
ation, then thanksgiving to The Three Sisters and all plant life,
The Old Women’s Dance that renews the bond of women to The
Three Sisters, The Bean Dance honoring The Three Sisters, and
concludes with a feast that includes Green Corn soup and other
food also honoring The Three Sisters.
The entire Tsyunhehkwa agricultural operation, services, and
knowledge, including workshops, are open and shared with the
public. Knowledge is shared because in caring for The Three
Sisters, the “sustainers of life”, we are also paying respect to our
natural environment and to the Creator for these special gifts
given to us.
Mark Fischer is a contemporary sculptor and member of the Oneida
Nation of Green Bay, Turtle Clan and an IACA member. Many of his
designs are inspired by ancient Woodland petroglyphs and pictographs
celebrating nature, gender, and Native art and culture. Visit Mark’s
website at
Amelia Joe-Chandler
(Navajo Jeweler)
A Mother’s Prayer Box Pendant
Contact Amelia at:
PO Box 428
Dolores, CO 81323
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“The Three Sisters” hand wrought copper assemblage
adorned with buckskin, antique trade beads, horse hair, mink.
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