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IACA Journal | Summer 2013
IACA is The World’s Leading American Indian Art Alliance... has been
for nearly 40 years.
Over those years, some things have changed, and some have not. The mission of IACA, “To Promote,
Preserve and Protect Authentic American Indian Arts and Crafts” hasn’t budged an inch since it was
crafted back in 1974. The IACA Seal continues to be the industry standard of authenticity.
This year, IACA has taken leadership on two fronts in protecting American Indian Arts.
One was our expression of deep concern to the U.S. Congress about the potential ban of coral as a
component of American Indian jewelry. This effort was coordinated through our Washington, D.C.
legal council, Drinker, Biddle & Reath. IACA also registered opposition to a bill sponsored by Repre-
sentative Nick Rahall (D-WVA) that would redefine an American Indian under the current Indian Arts
and Crafts Act. Both of these acts are still pending. (You can learn more about each of these initiatives
on the IACA website).
Some things have changed to keep pace with the times and to better serve IACA members. For exam-
ple, the IACA website has become a great resource for members. From on-line membership renewals,
to downloading IACA in-store merchandising support, to providing white papers and marketing
insights and financial facts, the IACA website is more useful and relevant to members than ever. And,
the IACA Facebook page has become a great source of information, and fun for people everywhere.
During the coming months, IACA and IACA-EF will roll-out a series of educational brochures for
collectors, schools and anyone interested in learning about American Indian Art.
After nearly 40 years, some things have changed. But the roots are deep, and the core principles of
IACA remain clear and focused.
IACA-EF is pleased to continue to be actively involved with the most
up to date, educational activities for IACA.
Our recent Artist of the Year Competition, Banquet and Award Ceremony, and Business of
Art Seminar were well received by our Members and Guests.
Congratulations to our new Artist of the Year, JT Willie!
We were grateful to have had Artist/Musician Adrian Wall in a live solo performance for our
Banquet. Beautiful!
Heywood Big Day, your dedication and offering of Traditional Native prayers and songs,
brought a sacred presence to our entire gathering, during our Albuquerque Wholesale Mar-
Martha and Phillip Mann, John Holverson, Tom Renner, Carolyn Carpio, Dave Eversmann,
Miranda Zeigler, Brian Lush, Board Members of IACA and IACA-EF, your volunteer contri-
butions are greatly appreciated and so valuable to every aspect of our programs and events.
Thank you so very much for your generosity and support!
We continue to receive great input from our Members. This is so important. Your ideas and
suggestions help to shape our programs and events going forward. Please continue to do so!
We hope this Summer
is both informative and inspiring.
Joe Zeller, IACA President
IACA-EF President
IACA Mission
To promote, preserve and
protect authentic American
Indian arts and crafts
IACA-Education Fund
Mission Statement
To build cultural preservation and
appreciation for the arts of indig-
enous peoples of North America
through education
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