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• Marty Cuny, Oglala
acrylic paints: dolls, shields, weapons
• Charles Fast Horse, Oglala
beadwork and paints: robes, cradles,
skulls, weapons
• Kevin Fast Horse, Oglala
beadwork: cradles, robes, shirts,
purses, turtle amulets
• Kyle Fast Horse, Oglala
beadwork: bags and purses
• Evans Flammond, Oglala
painted items: robes, ledger art,
weapons, shields
• Mike Haskell, Cheyenne River
silver jewelry
• Jim Little Wounded, Cheyenne
quillwork/beadwork: weapons,
shields, drums, horse dance
• Mike McLeod, Chippewa
beadwork/paints: robes, buffalo
skulls, purses, caps
• Don Montelieaux, Oglala
ledger art
• James Star Comes Out, Oglala
beadwork: horse masks, bustles, war
• Paul Szabo, Rosebud
silver jewelry
• Dawn Yellow Bank, Omaha
beadwork: robes, shields, purses, bags
Many of the artists we acquire work
from have taken the style of aging
or antiquing their works. The main
reason for this is that we are located
in what is the most recent historical
portion of the nation that saw the
last of the “Indian Wars”. This is not
ancient history here, but things that
Grandma’s and Grandpa’s talk about
first hand and with so many collectors
buying up ill-gotten artifacts from
the Great Plains Tribes, we simply
offer an alternative to the purchase
of such artifacts. When a collector
can purchase a newly created piece
of artwork with the peace of mind
that it benefits a family today and still
has the wonderful characteristics of
truly old pieces, everyone benefits.
The idea of someone marketing an
artifact that belonged to a casualty of
that time period, and which was taken
from a family member of one of our
artists, customers or employees, is just
not how we want to operate, thus the
alternative of newly created, antiqued
This evolution of Prairie Edge has
matured to the level where the work
of traditional Northern Plains Indian
artists comes together with the knowl-
edgeable collectors and people who
seek authentic art and crafts of this
I have enjoyed my career with Prairie
Edge and look forward to many more
years to come helping Mimi continue
her parents’ dream that has become a
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