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The Millicent Rogers Museum has the distinction of owning an
extraordinary collection of pottery by Maria and Julian Martinez
of San Ildefonso Pueblo.
weavings representing all four phases of the evolution of the Navajo
Chief ’s blankets. He also purchased significant examples of His-
panic weavings from the Rio Grande Valley where Hispanic weavers
have been producing fine textiles for more than four hundred years.
Apache baskets, Plains beadwork, katsinas, and religious artifacts
were all added by Paul to the collection.
The Museum moved to its present location in 1968 when Claude
and Elizabeth Anderson, friends of Millicent Rogers, donated their
traditional hacienda, so creating a unique setting for a unique
collection. In 1984 the building was renovated and expanded and
the Museum received accreditation by the American Association of
Museums. Free personalized tours are scheduled throughout the
year, led by volunteer docents, and special exhibitions may have
gallery talks by artists and other experts. The Millicent Rogers
Museum is located at 1504 Millicent Rogers Road, 4 miles north of
Taos Plaza.
Mary Millicent Abigail Rogers von Salm-Hoogstraeten de Peralta-Ra-
mos Balcom was larger than life — a socialite, a fashion icon, and an
avid collector of southwest arts and crafts. Her legacy lives on in the
amazing collection that is the Millicent Rogers Museum.
Most of the material for this article was courtesy of the Millicent Rogers Mu-
seum website
. The editorial staff of the IACA Journal
urges readers to visit the wonderful collections on display.
P.O. Box 250, Jemez Pueblo, NM 87024
Cliff Fragua
Singing Stone Studio
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