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Summer Selling Checklist

It’s summer-time! Time for you to travel, do shows, receive

loads of visitors, and sell, sell, sell. For many of you, sum-

mer sales can make or break your year. Here are some ques-

tions you might ask yourself as you move through those all-

important summer sales:

Is your booth or shop beautiful? Are your products displayed

well and in good light? Is your display area clean and free of

food, and your water or soda out of sight? Do you have

enough work on hand to represent the artist and/or the art

form? Do you have enough space between pieces to let the

buyer focus on each individual item?

Are you welcoming? Do you great each potential buyer personally and welcome them into

your space? Do you let them browse without talking but be quietly available to answer ques-

tions? Are you personally clean, odor free and rested?

Do you tell the story of the work? How was it inspired? Who made it? Is there any special

meaning that the artist was trying to convey? Do you create the romance surrounding the

work, before you offer to tell the customer


it was made? Are you selling by rote or are you

paying attention to what each customer needs? Are their eyes glazed over and they are fidget-

ing -- or do they appear interested and engaged?












IACA 2016





Harry Redwolf Perkins

Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee

Artist Member (Traditional Crafts)

Avila Retail Development

Albuquerque International Sunport

Retail Member

Avila Retail Development

Phoenix International Airport

Retail-Sub Member

Summitt Mountain Art & Design, LLC

Camp Verde, AZ

Wholesale Member

Sun Country Traders

Santa Fe, NM

Retail Member


Strasbourg, France

Wholesale Member

Is your product well-made? Is it aesthetical-

ly pleasing? Are the lines straight, the tones

carefully set and are the edges free of sharp

spurs? Are your frames and displays the

same quality as the work?

Are your products priced right for the current market? Are you being realistic about

what your product is worth and how it compares to similar products? Have you done

the research to know?

Do you write a detailed description of the sale on the receipt? Is your name on the

receipt and do you provide your contact information or the receipt or attach a business

card? Do you get the customer’s name and contact information for your follow-up


Do you inspire confidence in your buyers by displaying the IACA logo prominently --

no matter where you are selling? Do you take the chance to tell your buyers and your

peers what it means to be an IACA member? Do you explain that by virtue of your

membership you are required to adhere to a

strict code of ethics?

Do you thank your customers, and let them

know how much you appreciate their pur-


Finally, when you are finished for the day, do

you look back on the reactions that people

had toward the work, the display, the price

points and even toward you, and make a note

of what you need to work on tomorrow?

Have a wonderful and profitable summer!

Kathi Ouellet— President,

Retail Member

Georgia Fischel—Vice President,

Retail Member

Dee Dowers— Secretary,

Collector Member

Jacque Foutz— Treasurer,

Wholesale Member

Martin Seidel— Director,

Wholesale Member

Beth Hale— Director,

Collector Member

David Eversmann—Director,

Collector Member

Dawn Dark Mountain—Director

(Oneida) Artist Member

IACA is pleased to welcome the following

new members