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Phone: 505-265-9149

Indian Arts and Crafts Association

4010 Carlisle Blvd. NE, Suite C

Albuquerque, NM 87107

Promote, Preserve and Protect

Authentic American Indian Art

While tradition is important, there have been dramatic changes in the way American Indian arts and crafts are created, bought, and

sold. IACA now needs to rethink how to best serve our Members in this new environment.

While the modern market is largely technology based, we will incorporate both electronic

and non-electronic means to respond to our member’s needs and fulfill our mission. This

combination of techniques recognizes the extreme diversity in technology available to dif-

ferent parts of our membership, and we will strive to work with all our membership to en-

sure their needs are met.

One of our most exciting new projects is the update and rebuild of our website. In addition

to many other changes, one of the best new features will be a page for each member which

can be updated by that member. We are currently accepting bids, and hope to begin work

on this extensive project very soon.

While we evaluate these critical changes, the Board has decided to suspend all Whole-

sale and Retail Markets. We believe in the power of the Market as a way to bring people

together and to promote authentic Native American arts and crafts, however, we must

evaluate everything as we move forward to create the most meaningful membership

experience for all.

We are happy to be able to continue our work and encourage your participation as a

member, Board member or volunteer. We still need additional Board members who

want to help re-create IACA for the remainder of the 21st Century. This is truly a

chance to participate in building and creating


new organization.

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