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IACA is an amazing alliance
representing all parts of our
community – artists, whole-
salers, retailers, museums, edu-
cators, suppliers, collectors and
more - all working together to
strengthen our industry and to
promote, preserve and protect
authentic American Indian arts
and crafts.
The IACA Education Fund works closely with IACA, working hand-in-hand
when programs are educational and open to the public. With limited resources,
these partnerships are critical to our impact.
Business of Art seminars are held at each market, focusing on topics recom-
mended by our members. The next session includes the power of a good
brand, using social media and technology effectively, potential health haz-
ards for artists, legal and legislative issue, marketing and other issues of the
We have partnered locally with the Downtown Merchants Association in
Santa Fe, the Old Town Merchants Association in Albuquerque and the
American Indian Chamber of Commerce to combat misrepresentation and
find ways to build tourism and “Buy Indian.”
IACA-EF and Heritage Hotels & Resorts teamed up to host the first Heritage
Art Market at Hotel Albuquerque on Thanksgiving Day weekend in 2011. This
market features artists in a two day retail show. The next Market takes place on
Thanksgiving Day weekend, November 24th and 25th, 2012.
The American Made Alliance is a natural partnership. Both organizations share
the goals of opening new market opportunities for American made products,
preserving the authenticity of American Made, preventing fraud regarding coun-
try of origin and informing legislators and consumers about the importance of
the economic impact of supporting American Made products. “The pendulum
is moving quickly from a throw-away society of the past to sustainable and ethical
consumerism,” stated Wendy Rosen, guest speaker at the IACA Fall 2011 Market.
“Smart consumers are demanding authenticity and transparency about where
and how something is made . . .”
The National Park Hospitality Association (NPHA) shares member concession-
aires who are also members of IACA. We have discussed working more closely
together as the Parks renew their commitment to providing visitors a "genuine
experience." A panel was held at the Fall 2011 Market, led by Xanterra, a NPHA
and IACA member which explored potential partnerships.
IACA was invited to present at the Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA)
in 2011. Since then, we have joined forces to seek funding to develop art tours
for buyers who want to see how the art is made and to find ways to support artist
participation at international trade shows. IACA, AIANTA, Navajo Nation and
the Indian Arts and Crafts Board present a session on economic development
through arts and tourism at the New Mexico Economic Summit in May 2012.
Together, we are making a difference!
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