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Greetings to all our IACA
Do you see our changes? We
have condensed the large for-
mat IACA Journal to this new
four page IACA Journal. It will
not only save money, but will
give you more focused news
and information about IACA,
our events, and our members.
This is a direct benefit of your
membership. We are
constantly looking for ways to
stretch your membership dol-
lars and help you market your
In addition to this publication,
you should check the IACA
quently! It will always provide
you with the most up to date
information on shows and ac-
tivities. Its members-only area
is filled with tips and infor-
mation about the Indian arts
Jacque Foutz
IACA is pleased to welcome the following new members who have joined since
January 1
, 2015.
Acoma Business Enterprises, Wholesale/Retail Member
Acoma Business Enterprises has been in existence since 1996. It consists of several businesses which are
connected to the Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico.
Zach Ben, Artist Member
Zach is a young Navajo artist who has learned sand painting from his father, Joe Ben, Jr. As an appren-
tice medicine man, he has made a study of traditional Navajo ceremonies and creates both ceremonial
and contemporary sand paintings of his own design. Zach attended his first IACA Show this past April.
Buffalo Hogan, Inc., Wholesale Member
Buffalo Hogan was established in 1995 in Albuquerque, NM. It manufactures American Indian head-
dresses, dance fans, breastplates and other artifacts. All products are handmade by American Indians.
Edward Charlie, Artist Member
Although a new member, Edward wow’d the judges at this year’s Spring Wholesale Market and now
has the honor of being IACA Artist of the Year for 2015. For more about Edward see the feature article
in this issue.
Delaware North, Inc., Retail Member
Delaware North at Yosemite has been a member of IACA since 1984. The membership was recently
transferred to Delaware North, Inc. and they applied for additional membership at 6 locations in Na-
tional Parks where they have resorts and retail stores.
Dowa Yallane Trading Co., Wholesale Member
This new member is a sole proprietorship, owned by Gene Orth, and is based in Flagstaff, AZ. The
company was established last year and sells 100% American Indian arts and crafts.
Alice Reidman Edwards, Collector Member
Ms. Edwards is from West Chicago,
IL, and is a new member of the Col-
lectors Guild.
Terry Glad Flores, Artist Member
Terry is a self-taught artist who began
painting in 1991. She paints using
mostly acrylics and specializes in por-
traits of Native American celebrities.
Terry is registered with the California
Juaneno Band of Mission Indians and
lives in Payson, AZ.
Joanna Leary, Collector Member
Ms. Leary is from Westbrook, ME, and is a new member of the Collectors Guild.
Oards Gallery, Retail Member
Sheila Pollreisz is the owner of Oards Gallery, which has been selling American Indian arts and crafts
for many years. The gallery also contains a small museum and is located in Burns, OR.
Robyn Stevens, Artist Member
Robyn is a jeweler and a member of the Cherokee Nation, now living in Santa Fe, NM. She makes and
designs contemporary jewelry using silver, turquoise, shell and other materials.
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