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IACA Journal
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As your new President, I want to
say thank you to a few folks. First,
to our outgoing President, Jacque
Foutz, who ran the IACA Board
meetings with the heart of a Queen
(and the tiera to match!) Then to
our new Board members, Gordon
Clark (Retail), Joe “Jo-jo” Jojola
(Artist) and Dawn Dark Mountain
(Artist) for stepping up and taking
on the challenges of the Board. And
finally to the Board members and
volunteers who have kept IACA
going: Jacque Foutz, Dave Evers-
mann, Beth Hale, Joe Zeller, Geor-
gia Fischel, Dee Dowers, Artie Yellowhorse, Martin Seidel, Pam
Lujan-Hauer, Dr. Leona Zastro, and Brian Lush.
In 2015, we did some things really well – others not so much.
The good news is:
we added 44 new members.
we produced a successful Spring Wholesale Market.
Edward Charlie (Navajo) was selected as 2015 Artist
of the Year.
we completed the 5
Annual Survey of the American
Indian Art Market – the only survey of its kind to
measure the dimensions and trends of American Indi-
an art.
we participated in the Navajo Nation legal activities
against a major retailer which called a line of clothing
“Navajo” when it had nothing to do with the Navajo
we have a new, streamlined and cost-effective IACA
we lost 52 members – largely due to non-payment. As
a result, your Board will be looking at ways to increase membership as well as making
membership dues easier to pay.
the Fall Market wasn’t well attended. As a result, your Board has decided to drop the Fall
Market and pour all our energies into producing a bigger and better Spring Market.
the new rules for Artist of the Year were not well-liked by the membership. Your Board
heard you, and as a result, the rules have been modified again to require an artist’s presence
to enter, and require a minimum of three months as a member in good standing.
Your Board is looking forward to a great 2016, with a lot of hard work
and a lot of fun! Join us!
2016 Board of Directors
Kathi Ouellet— President,
Retail Member
Georgia Fischel—Vice President,
Retail Member
Dee Dowers— Secretary,
Collector Member
Jacque Foutz— Treasurer,
Wholesale Member
Martin Seidel— Director,
Wholesale Member
Beth Hale— Director,
Collector Member
David Eversmann—Director,
Collector Member
Artie Yellowhorse, Navajo—
Director, Wholesale Member
Gordon Clark—Director
Retail Member
Dawn Dark Mountain, Oneida—
Director, Artist Member
Joe “Jo-Jo” Jojola, Navajo—
Director, Artist Member
IACA is pleased to welcome
the following new members
who have joined the IACA
since July 2015.
Terry Glad Flores,
Juaneno Band of Mission
Artist Member
Sharon Naranjo Garcia,
Santa Clara Pueblo
Artist Member
Candace Penney,
Artist Member
Adrian Wall,
Jemez Pueblo
Artist Member
Aiden Warrior - Milford,
Echota Cherokee
Artist Member
Gail Whipple
Santee Sioux
Artist Member
Joanna Leary
Medford, ME
Collector Member
Tufa Cast Bracelet by Edward Charlie
2015 Artist of the Year
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