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2016 IACA A
For 33 years, the Indian Arts and Crafts Association has recognized a single
artist as the IACA Artist of the Year.
The prestigious award not only is one of the most recognized and
respected awards in the American Indian arts industry, but the $3,000 cash
award is one of the largest cash awards provided in any artist competition.
The competition is sponsored by
Native Peoples Magazine
Unlike other artist competitions, IACA recognizes only three top
artists each year, regardless of their medium or category. The IACA Artist of
the Year Award recognizes the best of the best and presents a unique chal-
lenge to each entering artist.
To qualify for entering the competition, an artist must have been an IACA
Artist Member for at least three months. The selected artist will be honored at
the IACA Artist of the Year recognition ceremony which is held in conjunc-
tion with the 2016 IACA Wholesale market on Monday, April 4.
Entry fees are just $25, but those fees are waived for artists who
participate in the 2016 IACA Spring Wholesale Market. Applications for
entry will be available at
in January, and sent to IACA mem-
ber artists in February, 2016.
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