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World’s Leading American Indian Art Alliance
Welcome to the Indian Arts and Crafts Association
Board of Directors
Welcome to the “Board.” You have become one of the select few to join with others, dating back to 1974, who have
continued the mission of the association to this day.
To Promote, Protect and Preserve American Indian Art
This guide will provide you with most of the essential information that you will need to know going forward as an IACA
In addition to the information you will find here, there are other tips that you will want to know about being a member
of the IACA Board of Directors.
This is a working board
. Each member of the board contributes in a very active way toward the
furtherance of the IACA. That requires a unique commitment of time in order to accomplish the tasks
that you will help to establish in the months ahead.
The board is a team
. The IACA board consists of members from each membership discipline,
including Artists, Wholesalers, Retailers and Collectors. Each member is expected to represent the
interests of her/his particular discipline, while representing the interests of the entire IACA
membership. The board is an open board, and differences of opinion on issues are not only
welcomed, but encouraged. In the end, critical decisions are made by a vote of the entire board of
directors, and those decisions are to be supported and respected by each and every board member.
Have a bit of fun
. The IACA board is a working group. But it also is important to have a bit of fun
along the way, and during the process of accomplishing things.
There are four board meetings each year.
January, April, July and October. You are expected to
attend each and every board meeting, and the workshops that precede the actual board meeting by a
1 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,...47
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