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day or two. These workshops are the sessions where actual planning is accomplished for the
following quarter and following year. Meetings are scheduled quarterly and are timed to coincide with
the spring and fall wholesale markets, and otherwise according the convenience of board members
for the April and July meetings
. Conflicts may arise where a member cannot attend a board meeting,
and with advance notice to the board, may be excused from a meeting. If a board member has two
unexcused absences from a board meeting during the three year term, that board member is
automatically removed from the board of directors.
Communications is key
In this world of the Internet, communicating with one another has never
been easier. The IACA board of directors relies heavily on e-mail for idea exchanges, progress
reports and even voting on important matters as they arise. So, be sure to check your e-mail each
day and respond quickly, as appropriate.
Welcome again to the IACA Board of Directors. Your contributions are welcomed and truly appreciated.
Board of Directors
IACA History
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