IACA Board of Directors Guidebook - page 41

I. Committee Eligibility
The Ethics Committee shall consist of five (5) members. A quorum at any
meeting shall consist of three (3) members. Each Committee member shall
have served a minimum of three (3) full years on the Board of Directors
before appointment to the Ethics Committee.
II. Frequency of Meetings
Meetings of the Ethics Committee will be held in conjunction with the
regular quarterly Board of Directors’ meetings. Meetings of this Committee
are closed and may be attended only by it members. Individuals whose
expertise is a valued input (example: a legal counsel) may be invited as a
source of expertise.
III. Confidentiality
The proceedings of the Committee and the identity of the members being
investigated, as well as any other individuals involved, shall be kept
confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone.
IV. Procedures for Handling an Ethics Complaint
Any complaint intended for review by the Ethics Committee shall be
submitted to the Chairperson of that Committee, in
written form, and
signed by the complainant
. The complaint should be accompanied by
copies of any documents or materials that will aid the committee in
reaching its decision. All details and documents will be secured in the
IACA Executive Office.
At this time, with an accompanying cover letter, a copy of the Ethics
Committee procedures will be sent to the party submitting the complaint.
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