IACA Board of Directors Guidebook - page 42

The Ethics Committee will send a letter to the party against whom the
complaint has been filed, by USPS certified mail, return receipt
requested (which will be kept on file). This will include
1.) a cover letter
2.) a copy of the complaint
3.) a copy of these Ethics Committee procedures
4.) a warning alerting the party that a response must be received no
later than ten (10) days from the date of receipt.
The response to the Ethics Committee Chair from the individual against
whom the complaint is filed may be accompanied by copies of any
documents or materials that may aid the Committee in understanding the
circumstances. The stated ten day response time to the Committee may be
extended at the discretion of the Chair.
After a completed response has been received, copies of the complaint,
the response, and any additional documents or materials will be sent to
the remainder of the Ethics Committee. Electronic transmission is
acceptable, so long as the integrity of the message is not compromised.
The IACA Office management will be the final custodian of all materials
and communications related to the complaint, and is responsible for their
At the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Ethics Committee, the
complaint will be considered, with the Chair or his/her designate
presiding. Under usual circumstances, neither party involved in a
complaint will be allowed to attend the Committee’s deliberations.
However, at the Committee’s discretion, the parties involved may be
permitted to appear individually to present additional evidence.
Following its meeting, the Ethics Committee will make reports and
recommendations to the Board of Directors in a closed session. The
final decision regarding any recommendation made by the Ethics
Committee will be made by a quorum of the Board of Directors at a
regularly scheduled meeting. Those present will be reminded of the
need for confidentiality.
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