IACA Board of Directors Guidebook - page 45

Board of Directors
IACA Membership Categories
Following are the various types of memberships included in the IACA. Of these, the artist, wholesale, retail and
ancillary categories are carefully vetted and are granted membership only after a review of the candidate by the board
of directors and by the entire IACA membership. This process can take up to three months from the time an
application for membership has been received.
Artist/Craftsperson $80/year
Any individual who is a member of a federally or state recognized Indian Tribe or is certified as an
Indian artisan by a Indian Tribe; or, Any individual who can provide official documents from the
Canadian government certifying his/her status as a Canadian Registered Indian, Metis or Inuit.
The artist/craftsperson membership is only for an individual artist selling their own work.
Wholesale - $235/year
Individual or business that purchases goods directly from Native American artist/ craftspeople for
resale to retailers; or, an individual or business that employs American Indian artist/craftspeople
to produce handmade products for resale to retailers.
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