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The American Indian Art Industry: Wholesale Summary

The survey results among the wholesale sector of the industry reflect only a 4% response

rate, and cannot be viewed other than anecdotally.

This summary consists of responses from 5 IACA wholesale members.

An Industry of Very Small Businesses

Of those responding, 20% reported 2011 sales volume greater than $1 million, with

another 40% reporting 2011 sales volume ranging from $100,000 to $500,000.

40% of the respondents reported having between 1 and 2 employees, with 20% reporting

just the proprietor as the sole employee. 40% of the respondents have a storefront, and

typically the business is a family business. The wholesale business represents a full time

occupation for just 40% of the respondents

Just 40% of the wholesale segment relies heavily on shows for conducting business.

An Aging Industry

Over 40% of the reporting wholesalers have been in business for over 30 years, and no

reporting wholesalers have been in business for less than 11 years

Less Than A Positive Economic Outlook and Thoughts About Federal Government


The wholesale sector is not as positive about growth in 2012, with just 20% of those

reporting sensing a business growth.

With respect to Federal Government support, 20% of the reporting wholesalers feel that

the Federal Government is moderately supportive their business.

Cost of Business and Actions Taken

40% of responding wholesalers have felt the costs of business increase over the previous

12 months with 20% reporting a slight decrease in costs from 2010.

The major contributors to the increase business costs are

inventory costs – 100.0%%

materials and supplies -67%