The economic pressures have forced respondents to take a number of actions to offset the
expense increases, including:
Reduce Travel – 71%
Reduce Marketing Expenses – 71%
Reduce Stock on Hand – 57%
Marketing the Business
Nearly 22% of reporting businesses invest 1%, or less of their annual sales into marketing
and advertising with over 66% reporting marketing expenses at less than 5% of annual
The three most important tools that retailers consider the most effective in gaining new
customers are:
E-Mail Marketing
Social Media
On-line marketing is an important part of marketing the American Indian Art business.
The three leading tools used in the business include:
E-Mail Marketing
On-line tools typically are handled in-house, although many businesses will go outside
for help on some things.
Most Productive Sales Channels
Wholesalers report that shows are their most productive sales channel, followed by their
store and their website.
Sales Derived From American Indian Art
67% of the responding wholesalers report that in excess of 90% of their volume comes
from sales of American Indian art.
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