Cost of Business and Actions Taken
61% of responding artists have felt the costs of business increase significantly over the
previous 12 months.
The major contributors to the increase business costs are
Materials and supplies – 77%
Travel and expenses -41%
The economic pressures have forced respondents to take a number of actions to offset the
expense increases, including:
Reduce travel – 53%
Reduce stock on hand – 47%
Change product offerings – 25%
Marketing the Business
55% of artists report that they invest less than 5% of their sales into marketing.
The three most important tools that artists consider the most effective in gaining new
customers are:
e-Mail Marketing
On-Line Advertising
Events and shows
On-line marketing is an important part of marketing the American Indian Art business.
The three leading tools used in the business include:
E-Mail marketing
On-line tools typically are handled in-house, although many artists will go outside for
help on some things.
Greatest Challenges, and Help Most Desired
Marketing is the greatest challenge for the American Indian Artist, including ways to
reach their audience given limited marketing funds, followed by seeking help in
accounting and finance.
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