2014 IACA Journal Readership Survey - page 13

because I want to meet the
artists whose artwork I sell in
my shop. With only two
days to shop at the typical
IACA show, I don't always
get to really know these
wonderful people.
I would like more
information on the
ARTISTS, and not the
typical worn out elicited
answers like "I learned from
my Mother and
Grandmother." We need to
hear more meaty
commentary from these
contributing craftspeople!
Such as, what is their sense
of humor? What do they do
for ideas and designs? Do
they live on or off the Rez?
Bring out their hidden
personalities. I always feel
that the non-artists involved
in the IACA are more
interested in keeping the
institution alive rather than
TRULY promoting the ar
tists. The better we know
them, the more interesting
they become as humans and
not just people sitting behind
I was going to say that I
would like to see more
Eastern artists represented
but I see that it's already
taking place in the latest
issue. Thanks
featured shows and/or benefits to members
Reviews of shows such as IFAM from the artist perspective.
more articles on IACA ARTISTS
It's great info
Give it a chance: it's still
relatively new. Improve as
you see fit.
As an IACA Member, what are your thoughts about the future of the
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