2014 IACA Journal Readership Survey - page 14

Costs to produce and mail
the magazine.
As a small retailer, I have no
storefront (I am mostly
online) and I only do a
couple shows a year.
Sending me multiple copies
of the magazine are a waste
of resources.
Perhaps there is a way to
query the membership
instead of simply sending
excess copies to everyone
in a category?
Important very important source
If you're going to continue
publishing the journal, you
may include tips on where
the best wholesale shows
have been, what's hot in the
market and how best to
network with current
I think you have to get away
from the militant mindset of
some members on the
import question and focus
on what we do best.
Promotes better understand of the art
I would like to see the IACA
Journal continues but it
needs to be improved and
strengthened -- It is not what
I expect from a professional
revamp total format. add
stories abt all tribes not just
western. give lessons in
arts. share product
presentations in attraction
for marketing as well as how
to find product buyers.
discuss why most present
day arts look like a
manufactured item vice
hand made products
Ask members if they need
the multiple copies you
provide. I sell online, do not
need multiples.
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