2014 IACA Journal Readership Survey - page 15

As an artist, I think it may
benefit shops & museums
more than artist.
Although the Journal is well
written and quite attractive, I
feel it is not reaching far
enough to be of benefit to
non-members. I do give
extra copies to certain
customers, but feel
association effort and funds
would be better spent with a
more dynamic presence in
print media, Native Peoples,
Southwest Art... and other
popular publications with a
Native art focus.
I find it's a beautiful little
publication, but too self-
serving, and not informative
enough about the Indian
Jewelry business per se. It's
like a showpiece for the
association, but I don't think
many of the artists
themselves read it. What
does that tell you?
The money/ talent used to
publish the Journal could be
better spent on challenging
the artists to create better
booths so that we buyers
don't feel we're just going
from one table to another as
if the artists sitting there
don't exist.
As implied in my previous
comments I find it to be a
valuable resource
If the ads pay for it, do continue.
I'd like to see it grow - with
more articles and more
I am an internet retailer so
really can't use the extra
copies. I think that the print
journal should be phased out
if more and more of us can
access it on line.
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