2014 IACA Journal Readership Survey - page 16

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[No Responses]
Digital only
It does not help me improve
my art or my business
,doesn't increase my
income,it seems to me it is
aimed at buyers,not the
Seems like a waste to spend so much money on it.
As an artist I really don't get
anything out of it other than
a reminder of upcoming
show. There is no benefit to
me as a tribal member &
I feel the Journal is of
limited value to me. I have
an extensive library,
featuring older and current
volumes about the art. I also
have subscriptions to most
of the magazines and
papers with a Native art
focus. The web is a growing
research tool. Greater
presence in print media and
continued use of the
association website are
we need more info on sales,
shows, and outlets to sell our
Funds would be better spent
on more ads in various
Native American
publications thus reaching
more readers
You don't believe that the IACA Journal is of value to you. Why is
Since you don't read the IACA Journal, Why Is That? - Other
Since you don't read the IACA Journal, Why Is That? - Comments
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