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Purpose of Survey
The intent of this readership survey is to determine the involvement of IACA Journal readers with the
publication, the interest in the publication, and to learn about areas which can be improved upon in
future issues of the IACA Journal.
The sample base for the survey included all active members as of August 28, 2014 with an e-mail
address. The sample size was 286 members with e-mail addresses in the Constant Contact database
with 61 responses.
The survey was designed through Constant Contact and e-mailed to members on August 28 with a
follow up mailing on September 2, 2014. Members without e-mail addresses were not included in the
survey. The survey was closed on September 5.
Survey Performance
Response to the survey mailing was exceptionally high compared to all IACA Mailings and all mailings
from Non-Profit art organizations
Open Rate
Click Through Rate
Non Profit Art Organizations
All IACA Mailings
Readership Survey
Survey Validation
Survey validity was determined by using standard statistical measures, including an analysis of variance,
to determine the reliability of the survey results. These survey results have a margin of error of +/- 11%
at a confidence level of 95%.
Survey Presentation
This report includes the overall results of the survey, including the comments and observations made by
survey respondents. It also includes a report dealing specifically with IACA Collector members.
Major Findings
Readers Are Involved With the
IACA Journal
92% read some or all of the IACA Journal
52% read the IACA Journal cover to cover
40% read select articles
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