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Survey Name:
IACA Journal Readership Survey - 2014
Response Status:
Partial & Completed
Sep 05, 2014 9:45:34 AM
Enjoy reading the magazine
and seeing what is new in
the field.
I like the fact that there are
articles about subjects not
seen in other/similar
I believe that the Journal is a quality publication.
Need more how to type
articles,such as ,taxes
,photography tips and
tricks,show set up strategies,
relations,expanding your
base,marketing in the
computer era,social
marketing tips,web page set
It's nice to get accurate information from people who know
Well formatted and well written articles.
any venue we have to keep
indigenous arts alive and
well is extremely valuable
We read what we want to
and leave some in our store
for our customers to take
with them.
Most articles are interesting
and informative -- would like
to see more artist profiles ==
Maybe an article on what
has happened to award
winners in the 10 years since
they won the IACA Artist of
the year award -- or maybe a
feature story on a Pueblo or
Tribe family that is noted for
its achievements
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