2014 IACA Journal Readership Survey - page 8

until recent all info abt west
indian. all i see abt
gatherings in west no
how to do art artist willing
share mostly useless. sorry
Yes I do
If I lived closer to be more involved, I would love it.
My focus is jewelry and
fetish carvings. I do have a
limited selection of pottery
and original fine art.
It varies issue to issue.
Both somewhat and very interesting!
As a collector, I value
information on the new up
and coming artists to add to
my collections
I read much and intend to
read all. I do not distribute
copies. I sell only at outdoor
market and have no room
for copies. Please send me
only one.
Small publication but has
very interesting articles.
Would like to see more
artists profiled.
Depends upon artist/subject
Articles are generally well researched & well written.
Improve my business and
myself,how to and where to
type things,show listings
I don't know what to say
Enjoy articles on particular
categories of art....maybe
more on collectors and their
passion for collecting
More on reservation importance and problems
It seems the same artists are featured many times.
As an IACA Journal Reader, What Articles Most Interest You? -
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