2014 IACA Journal Readership Survey - page 9

I do not remember ever
seeing an IACA Member
Gallery Profile -- I would
also like to see a calendar of
events/shows/markets -- this
would especially be helpful
to those of us who do not
live in the Southwest as we
make travel plans.
Additionally information on
shows and exhibits by major
museums would be helpful --
Said already
Information about upcoming
Native American Art Shows
and Art Gallery information.
Artist Profiles
Like the whole journal!!!!
More pictures of traditional items.
Majority of articles seem to
be geared to collectors &
shops. Not a lot about artist,
or advertisement for artist
supplies. Without artist
creating the art, where would
we be?
Articles about museums, museum or other fairs
Articles about behind the
scenes activities of those
who run the IACA; the
emphasis needs to be more
on the artists.
I use the artist and gallery
contact information to view
their work and/or collections.
If I did not get the journal but
I did get notifications on line
when it appears, I would
probably look at it on line --
but would read less of it.
I like hearing about
associated events even
though I often cannot attend.
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