2015 Survey of the American Indian Arts Business - page 23

The American Indian Art Industry: Artist Summary
The survey results of the American Indian artist response rate was not sufficient to be
representative of all American Indian artists. The results must be considered anecdotal.
This summary consists of responses from 26 artists.
An Industry of Very Small Businesses
The response indicates that 2014 was a very tough year for the artist, as shown in the
following table.
Annual Sales
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Artists find that shows are the most productive means of selling their work, followed by
selling via their website and through social media. 38% of artists report selling wholesale
to the trade. 62% do not sell wholesale to the trade.
A Younger Industry
46% of the reporting artists have been in the industry for less than 11 years, while 15%
have been selling their work for over 30 years. 8% have been in business less than two
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