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Survey Name:
2015 IACA Business Member Attitudinal Survey
Response Status:
Partial & Completed
Jan 30, 2015 3:53:23 PM
Eastern Ontario, Canada
Books, toys
native herbs (smudges, sweetgrass)
am looking for other, like glass
Kinni-kinnick and smudge
Books, cards, CDs ,flutes, Pendleton clothing & accessories
herbals, books
Kinni-kinnick and smudge
Jewelry, paintings, plains Indian
No sales in 2014
Atlanta and Denver
we used to attend the IACA however since it has moved from the Phoenix area we are unable to do so.
Jogs Gem Show in Tucson
High Noon Show
I find a greater variety at the oasis show
ACRE Las VegasAmerican Made Dallas
Northern Plains Indian Art Market
I do not attend the IACA show in the spring any more due to the timing. When it was earlier, it made more sense for me.
My business is seasonal/summer only. When the show happens nearer May, I customarily skip it. I have been in this
business soon to be 50 years.
University of Tucson Feb. Show
Denver Gift Show
WESA Western Market in Denver
having confidence in myself
over 2 yrs
how to collect
been doing this a LONG time
How to value merchandise
how to retire & sell business
better knowledge of the Indian market.
Market Trends by Region
information on retail shows east of Mississippi
In 44 years I've learned a lot and don't think I need any help; I advise others.
declining customer base - aging/dying
Getting New Customers
having an exit plan for 2015
Print ads are overpriced and ineffective. The only exception is when the audience is a target market but even then, it is
rarely cost effective.
We are a museum store.
In which areas of your business would greater knowledge be of help to you? (Answer all that apply to you.) - Other responses
What is the biggest challenge you have in running your business? - Other responses
Which methods do you consider important in gaining new customers? - Comments
In Which Geographic Region Do You Live? (This will help to provide new marketing information to you by Region. A new feature of the survey.) - Other responses
What items do you include in your inventory portfolio? - Other responses
Of those items, which produced the greatest dollar volume for you in 2014? - Other responses
Which wholesale shows do you participate as either a wholesale seller, or a retail buyer? - Comments
If less than 2 years in business, what was your inspiration for starting your business? (Check all that apply.) - Other responses
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