2016 IACA American Indian Arts Business Survey - page 8

The American Indian Art Industry: Overall Summary
The survey results of the overall industry provide a good picture of the industry as a
whole, at a 95% confidence level with a margin of error of +/- 10%. That means that in
95% of the instances the answers are representative within +/- 10 ten percentage points of
the results shown.
This composite consists of responses from artists, wholesalers and retailers.
Note: Tables may not add to 100% due to non-responses or rounding to a question.
The American Indian Art Industry
The American Art Industry is similar in nature to every other industry, including product
production, distribution and sales to the end consumer.
It is a unique industry in the sense that the entire production side consists of American
Indian artists and craftspeople.
While over half of the retail trade works exclusively with American Indian Art sales, the
balance includes American Indian Art as a part of their overall product mix.
The American Indian Art Industry: A Growth Industry?
Feelings are not positive about the future of the American Indian Art industry. The
majority believe it is a declining or stagnant industry. Those feeling that interest is
increasing decreased from year ago by a substantial margin. Interestingly, 27% of those
surveyed did not respond to this question at all.
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Interest is Increasing
Interest is Decreasing
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