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Constant Contact Survey
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2015 Membership Feedback
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Partial & Completed
Feb 24, 2015 10:28:47 AM
Question is how do you rate IACA's activities ? how much did you spend
time and money for ADVERTIZMENT ???
satisfied, I believe the organization is improving each year
IACA is a valuable organization that brings validity to not only its members
but the public who recognize its history and goals.
Good. Have been member for 30 some years
IACA helps to give me the legitimacy I need for my customers to know I
honestly represent genuine Native Art. There is a respect level instantly
with a current IACA logo. Plus the access to wonderful individual artists
and the best suppliers in one place at the wholesale shows is unmatched
anywhere else.
I like what the orginization stands for
We feel IACA has a lot to offer and well worth the dues. Use of the logo in
our ads brings in serious customers, especially international ones who don't
want to waste time visiting shops that might not have authentic pieces. We
regret that we're unable to attend all the IACA markets due to our distance
and sometimes conflicts but attend as many as possible. I can shop
quickly, knowing that I don't have to examine things to be sure they're
Seems only native people are out west....
Enjoy attending the shows and conferences but we live in the East so,
maybe, a show could be held here once in a while. It would allow us buy
more art instead of spending it on travel.
The IACA is clearly not a collector friendly organization. The first paragraph
of this email talks about "your business goals" -- It is not until the third
paragraph that collectors are even mentioned. The retail and wholesale
representatives have their own agenda for the IACA. and this does not
include helping &/or assisting collectors.
Using logo gives confidence to my customers. The shows are great for see
old friends and for seeing what is new.
the membership fee for a semi-retired artist living on S.S. is to much for a
fixed income.
IACA membership gives me that extra step above the rest of the small
retailers at pow wow venues -- I've been vetted and carry authentic pieces,
and collectors appreciate that.
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