IACA 2015 Membership Satisfaction Survey - page 12

Being a member, and upholding the standards of IACA, is important to me.
The show has become less and less important. There are no other benefits
that I can see.
We need countrywide, and worldwide advertisement, Ad's in Magazines
such as Cowboys & Indians, or Smithsonian mag. or similar mags. We
need a firm budget for ads and I am willing to pay my share and if all
members participate we may have enough to be able to introduce our Artist
of the year to the world not only small community of us who are there at the
shows or in our gatherings.
I would like to be more active in the association but feel somewhat isolated
from where things seem to take place. I don't have time to take off from
work to travel. Are there regional groups?
Please bring back the fall Phoenix area market,if the cost is not prohibitive.
And thank you.
I have met so many smart, dedicated and interesting people because of my
IACA membership--individual artists, traders, buyers, collectors and
some shows that are not wholesale
More news about the reservations and history of its artist.
More clearly defined role of collector member -- including how to obtain
some discount at IACA members shops.
Enciurage more vendors and buyers for the shows.
The move to Isleta will begin to pay off in the spring show. Just need to
keep building on that.
Don't wear out your volunteers! Keep on the lookou to develop more to
help with staffing. I think eventually some paid staff is going to be
I have no suggestions, just strong belief in the mission of IACA
and applause for all those who give support and positive action.
More member input on their business and hertitage in the business. History
of the native american artist and their hertitage and back grounds but also
their tribes and what they are doing now and in the future to keep that
hertitage alive. Example the new Southern Ute Cultural Center, how it came
about, what is it about, and where is it going.
A regular retail show would be great.
4. What suggestions do you have or improvements would you like to see made in order to improve your
satisfaction with IACA? - Responses
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