IACA 2015 Membership Satisfaction Survey - page 13

I have in years past heard artists say they're unhappy with the way they're
treated by IACA but I have no knowledge of the circumstances.
I wish all artists were required to have prices on their work at the shows. It
would save time and not make the buyer wonder if prices are adjusted to
"fit the buyer".
It would be good if artists were required to be in their booths when the show
opens. There are always some who are late so shoppers have to keep
going back to their booth to see if they've arrived.
These comments are really more for the artists than for the organization.
Your survey response rate seems a little low. While time consuming
perhaps some phone calls from "silent members" might reveal more.
With aging collectors now looking to auction houses to liquidate, I am
wondering if IACA can include appraisers in its membership or at least
have recommended names to share.
We know that major gift shows across the country are "shrinking" much
the way IACA has over the years. To continue primarily as a wholesale
market the future is questionable. Our mission is still valid. It is just a
question as to how to fulfill it.
As a former retailer and now a retired "collector", I am wondering what to
do with my collection, add to it, keep it as is, donate it, sell it. What is it
Sorry, not much help.
None at this time
I would like to see information or list of artists/companies that sell fake
Indian jewelry and artifacts so I would know not to buy from them.
I believe, currently, that the IACA does not have a paid staff. If so, I admire
the members who have agreed to do the office work.
However, I feel that the Association needs to have a PAID staff. The
difference? If it is true that the IACA has a volunteer staff, that means there
isn't enough money. And if there isn't enough money, then that means,
does it not, that there aren't enough members? And it that's true, then why
aren't there enough members? Perhaps because the message isn't getting
Please correct me if I am wrong.
Fran Pawlowski
IACA collector member
Active more nation wide,,,not only out west
Have been members for some time and have observed positive
improvements in the association over the years.
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