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I have been a member of the IACA sine 2011, and do not intend to renew
my membership for 2015. That is a shame, as I had high hopes for the
organization and how it could assist me as a collector. The last couple of
years, I have become more and more unhappy with the domination of the
IACA by the wholesale and retail representatives. I decided not to renew my
membership after discussing my concerns with several IACA members
including three former IACA Presidents. They all agreed with me that the
organization is dominated by wholesale members and the artists that they
represent. There is no incentive for me as a collector to belong to the IACA.
The money that I pay for membership can better be used in purchasing
pottery from artists that I know and respect. This has been a difficult
decision for me, as I honestly wanted to belong to the IACA and thought it
was a marvelous avenue for me to strengthened and broaden my
collection. That no longer is the case.
Sincerely, Bill Riggs
Grow the organization and expand to include other lines of merchandise at
shows, with proper disclaimers/honest representations still a priority
Join or partner with other organizations to bring benefits to more
people/more exposure of the arts and have more networking -- this helps
cross-market and cross-train (like American Made Alliance groups/sharing
of marketing ideas/seminars/etc.)
I can't think of one at the moment.
Make the spring and fall sales events more attractive to buying members. I
noticed that there was not an abundance of buyers at the fall event. As a
vendor ourselves, (participating in street fairs, etc.) the lack of customers
and sales makes you think about participating again. Maybe look at
cheaper accommodation packages for buyers to entice them to come.
Everyone is doing such a super job ...
involvement at National Congress of American Indians for increasing our
visibility and educational agenda for our industry. at their annual and semi
annual conventions
First off, have enough buyers at the shows, not just a few. You need a lot to
get a few buyers purchasing from the artist.
It isn't worth the time and expenses to do a show any more when I can call
a gallery owner and within an hour sell more than I would at the shows.
No one has ever asked me if I am an IACA member, so don't think it's
critical to be one any more.
I get more calls from people looking at the Indian Arts Craft Board website
than IACA.
It may be time to call it quits.
You all do a great job for Native artists.
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