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host retail shows
Not sure. I'm fine with the organization as it stands.
It would be great to make IACA as big as the OASIS show. Get more artists
to participate or have more retailer or wholesalers to attend. What is the
possibility to have it during the OASIS show so we would have more
buyers. Artists are sometimes afraid to try wholesale shows, and IACA
could help provide some classes on how to make artists be prepared to try
a different type of show.
Show in Mesa, AZ (where the customers from the Southwest
can participate)
Customers come to Albuquerque area and shop locally before they come to
Albuquerque area is like bringing ice to Eskimos. Give the people a chance
in other areas. (Even Denver was better) Many sales decreased as a
result of this move and twice a year along with OASIS does not serve our
Since I deal about 90% in Antique Native American Art, I have relatively
little need for an organization that deals primarily in contemporary art.
Therefore, I have very little to offer in terms of your organizations
The wholesale shows seem to be dwindling in both number of exhibitors
and number of attendees. Exhibitors say that the cost of the booths is no
longer cost effective for them to attend the shows due to poor sales. Fewer
exhibitors make it less cost effective for me to attend as a buyer.
I really think what the organization does as a whole is great. I can't think of
anything to change.
Special membership fee for those of us over 70 living on a fixed income.
($40.00 would be maximum amount)
No suggestions at this time.
Been a member over 20 years. IACA was important in the early years.
Less so now. Not sure how the organization could be more helpful. The
show has little for me. Large dealers I deal with not there. (like Deer Track)
specialized things (like the guy from Alaska) not there. Would like the show
to be on the same weekend as Oasis. Have increased the % of non-indian
goods in recent years (Southwest decor type stuff). Would like to see info
or resources on things like choosing a credit-card processor (what a mess
that is)...
David S
Seminar or online meeting about using social media to market
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