Indian Arts and Crafts Association
The World's Leading American Indian Arts Alliance
1974 - 2018
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  • Honesty, Authenticy, Integrity
  • Knowledge, Expertise and Fair Trade
  • The Symbol of Trust in American Indian Art


End of the Trail

1974 -2018

At the end of the 2018 IACA Membership Year, the Indian Arts and Crafts Association dissolved.

Since its founding by John D. Kennedy, IACA had become the World’s Leading American Indian Arts Alliance.  The only association of its kind, IACA served many constituents including artists, American Indian art wholesalers and retailers and American Indian art collectors.

Over the years, IACA was a powerful voice in terms of protecting and preserving authentic American Indian Art including testifying before the U.S. Congress on matters of American Indian Art.  The association provided the largest wholesale markets for its artist, wholesale and retail members. The association provided seminars and educational materials for its members and created new markets for hundreds of American Indian artists. For 35 years, the IACA recognized a single artist as the IACA Artist of the Year, one of the most admired and respected honors an American Indian artist could receive. The IACA seal became the hallmark of integrity for all that were fortunate enough to earn the famed seal.  Membership has been loyal throughout the years, with the average having been an association member for over 23 years.


The Indian Arts and Crafts Association provided a place for all members to gather, make friendships and conduct the wonderful business of American Indian Art.

During its almost half-century of existence, the Indian Arts and Crafts Association was guided by, and carefully tended, by volunteers with a deep passion for the association and the principles for which it stood. 

As the association closes, it is in solid financial condition.  According to law, any funds remaining in the association treasury must be donated to a non-profit association with goals and intents similar to those of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association. 

Remaining funds will therefore be granted to The Heard Museum, The Heard Museum Guild, and The Heard Museum Library and Archives.  We are working toward an agreement with this prestigious institution which will honor the work that IACA has accomplished over the last 43 years, and promote, preserve and protect authentic American Indian art through awards given at The Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair & Market.  In addition, all historic records will go to the Heard Museum Library and Archives for their permanent archives. 

Our thanks go out to John D. Kennedy who had the vision to establish the Indian Arts and Crafts Association in 1974, and to all of those who have so kindly volunteered over the years to continue to serve IACA in a board capacity.  These people are legendary.

As the association dissolves, we wish our members the best for success during the years to come.

You were a part of history.  And we are confident that you will continue to
“Promote, Preserve and Protect” Authentic American Indian Art.

IACA Board of Directors

Georgia Fischel, President
Kathi Ouellet, Vice President
Dawn Dark Mountain, Secretary
Beth Hale
Martin Seidel
David Eversmann
Jacque Foutz

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